First Time? We're so glad you're here.

We are an ordinary bunch of people who know we are loved by God, love God and love one another. Our Sunday gatherings are a time to connect together, worship, pray, learn more about God and care for one another. Our aim is that everyone will leave encouraged, changed, and refreshed to go back to their homes, families, friends and be a part of what God is doing in the world.

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Visit before you visit

What do you do at a Sunday gathering?
During the gathering our band will lead us in singing, there will be a time of prayer, offering, news and notices and the Pastor will share a message from the Bible that is clear and applicable to life.

How long does your church service go for?
Our Sunday service goes for approx. 90 minutes. Unless we are having too much fun.

Will you ask me to stand up in front of the church as a visitor?Some churches may have a time where they ask visitors to stand and be recognised.  We don't do that. We have a time for all people in the worship service to go and say hello to each other. 

What is the worship like?
It's good! Our band leads us in contemporary style worship with a range of music including great hymns of history and some of the newer praise music of today.

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Your family is a big deal to us

Do you have a program for my kids? 
Yes. Kids 0-4 years old are invited to stay in the service and there is a structured program for primary school aged children ( 5-12 years old).

Masters Kids Program (5-12 years old)
Kids stay with parents / caregivers during the worship time and are taken out to 'Masters Kids' Program before the main message starts. The Sunday morning program gives children aged 5-12 the opportunity to explore and learn about who Jesus is.

Kids aged 0-4
Children of all ages are welcome to stay with parents during the service. Play mats and toys are provided for kids aged 0-4; they are situated in the hall next to the chairs.

Come see us! Plan your visit

What time?
Join us on Sunday morning at 9.30 am. (please note we don't gather on the first Sunday of every month, we meet in Homes to build community and to bless our wider community).

How do I get there?
We meet in Noarlunga Downs Primary School Hall, Taranaki Crs Noarlunga Downs

By Bus
ConneXions is easily accessible by Bus.

There are two bus stops on Liguria Cres, Noarlunga Down which are in walking distance to the hall.

Buses 747, 747A and 747B stop at bus stop 69A (walk up Taranaki Cres) or stop 70 (walk up Canterbury Cres).

Visit Adelaide Metro for times.

By Car
Parking is available in the carpark off Taranaki Cres or street parking available on Canterbury Cres.

Keep an eye out for signs pointing the way near Barcelona Road or Lovelock Drive.

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Common questions

What if I’m not sure about Jesus and church?
Perfect! thats why the church was started. Explore faith at your own pace. We welcome both believers and those still searching for understanding to join the conversation. You don't have to believe to belong.

What do I wear?
Clothes.  Seriously. There is no "dress code" for church.  Please wear what you feel comfortable in.

Am I expected to give money?
No. You are our guest, please let the offering bowl pass by you.

Am I expected to participate?
As our guest you can just relax and enjoy the service, no participation is necessary.  But feel free to join in if you want to, you are very welcome.

We look forward to connecting with you soon.