Vision Statement

Through the Power of the Holy Spirit, we see...

A movement which is a unique expression of church, gathering in missional homes where people of all generations grow and go as followers of Jesus.

Mission Statement 

To connect and grow everyone in a relationship with Jesus.



We are disciples of Jesus who take responsibility for our own development and the development of others.


 We submit to God as our Father and love each other as brothers and sisters. We are children of God who care for each other as a family. We show our selves to be Jesus’ disciples by our love for one another.


We submit to God the Spirit as our Sender and Leader and are empowered to show and share Jesus to others. We are sent by the Spirit to restore all things to God through Christ. 


Less is more. Everything we do happens through our Missional Homes. We are all about relationships and not programs. Jesus is the attraction and nothing else.


We sow seeds of multiplication in everything we do. We are passionate about reproducing disciples, raising and apprenticing leaders and multiplying and planting more Missional Homes.

The Vision

This is the big picture...

Through the power of the Holy Spirit, we see…

a lay movement that will pioneer a unique expression of church. We seek new roads to travel, creating new connections that will see our movement grow, spreading across Adelaide and into every state in Australia.

…a church full of all kinds of people. We are a community full of people from all walks of life, standing ‘shoulder to shoulder’, and sharing life and faith together.

a church community captivated by God’s heart to reach the southern suburbs of Adelaide. We are a movement joining with God to bring love and hope to all, especially the poor.

… Kingdom-minded people seeking revival across Australia. We are a community of people willing to pay the cost to see revival sweep across our state and nation, that we might become the Great South Land of the Holy Spirit.

… new Christians confessing Jesus as their Lord, Saviour and King. We encourage all to walk into a life of obedience as they faithfully follow Him.

… a church where evangelism and social justice are in perfect balance. We feed people practically and then feed them spiritually.

…a community where mission is part of the everyday fabric of life. We are a community that encourages people in their calling – in the world and the church.

A unique expression of church


We see leaders who know that character is everything. Leaders who are full of the Holy Spirit and who drip humility. Leaders who know 'being' comes before 'doing'.

We see leaders who empower. Leaders who train. Leaders who equip and encourage. These servant leaders live to see an empowered church be the hands and feet of God in our community and our world.

We need leaders motivated to serve across many smaller church communities – our missional homes.

Missional Homes

We realise the gospel needs to be taken to the people. We recognise the need to meet people where they are and to serve them there. Meeting in local households, we are given space to form personal relationships through which we can better serve, love and disciple one another.

We gather to go deeper in community together. In our missional homes, we meet to eat and break bread, to encourage one another, to pray together, and to work in mission. We aim to mature as disciples by living in gospel-centred communities united by our mission.

We make missional connections with the wider community. We are change agents who seek a day where every household ministers to the poor and shares the radical love of Christ. Our missional homes are open to all, and we welcome those who are ignored or marginalised by society. We are all on a journey of faith together.

We are communities who make a home for people of all ages and backgrounds. Our missional homes are full of people at all stages of life working together in their belief that together they can make a difference. By connecting with one another, offering care and guidance, and discipling each other, all within these communities are supported to live out their faith practically.

We need missional homes to be established across Adelaide’s southern region, meeting together regularly and joining in larger monthly gatherings – our celebration services.

Celebration gatherings

We gather at celebration services to unite in mission. Each month, our missional homes join to share stories of what God has been doing in our household communities. All will be encouraged by the power of God’s story to make change, and will go out into the world ready to serve.

We share in powerful times of worship and praise. This is a time for all generations to gather and participate in raw, authentic praise and worship of Jesus, bringing honour to God. The celebration fuels our discipleship and inspires us to reach others with the gospel – in our missional homes and the wider community.

We imagine an even bigger future. As more missional homes are planted and grow, we see additional celebration services being established in other locations in the southern area – all the way from Bains Road to Willunga Hill.

We need celebration services to bring together the leaders and missional homes to share in worship and praise, and to encourage one another in fulfilling the church’s mission.

United and Uniting

Everything we do – as leaders, in missional homes, and at celebration gatherings – we support the only mission that Jesus gave us: to make disciples.

As a church, we understand Jesus’ mission, and our own identity and call.

Mission is not an event. It's a lifestyle.

Church is not an event, It's a community.

We don’t go to church – we are the church.