Serve with us at ConneXions

One of the best ways to grow in your faith is to get involved.

About 50% of our church, volunteers at ConneXions to serve children, lead worship, welcome guest, set up for church, lead a missional home and loads of other things that make our ministry come alive.

And there's room for everyone

Even if you're not sure about Jesus yet, we've got a place for you to serve. 

We think by serving that you will grow. And you might discover what half of our people have discovered: it's good to receive but it's even better to give! Volunteering requires something from you and it will actually do something good for you and in you.






Current roles we are looking to recruit are:

  • Missional Home Apprentices - learning to lead a MH home.
  • Missional Homes Leaders - leading a missional home.
  • Communications guru - News, email and using mail-chimp.
  • Website Curator - keeping the website up todate.
  • Social Media Curator
  • Worship team members - singers, musicians and tech.

So join in the adventure of mission. You're invited. Connect today.


m. 0423847741